Forex Equinox

Forex Equinox is a new forex trading system from Russ Horn. Russ has released many forex systems in the past and has got a good name for it. He has good experience in doing actual trades and also in teaching his methods.

What is Forex Equinox?

Forex Equinox is a trading software that “every trader will be clamoring to get their hand on” according to Russ’s team. It’s a solid forex system that is backed by lots of solid proofs.

This system is a result of hours of trading knowledge. The team has put up a great effort in delivering this system.

Forex Equinox

Is Forex Equinox a scam?

Absolutely not.

No forex system can ever guarantee to make you money in all conditions. This is true for Forex Equinox as well. The reason why we claim Forex Equinox is not a scam is in the sense it’s not a total rip off that take your money and run away. This is a solid product that gets delivered to you along with online help and support.

Forex Equinox comes from a reputed team. The system is also sold through Clickbank, and you get unconditional 60 Days 100% refund guarantee. You get a full money back if you don’t like the system.

You can read a more detailed review here.

What are the contents of the system?

Lecture videos from Russ are the main content of the system. You also get a trading manual on how to use it.

Apart from that, you get access to exclusive online membership area where you can interact with fellow traders and get help and support. You also get access to frequently help webinars on updates on the system.

Forex Equinox DVDs
Forex Equinox DVDs
Trading Manual
Trading Manual
Online Members Area
Online Members Area


Who is Russ Horn?

Russ horn a very famous name in the field of forex trading systems for releasing many successful trading systems in the past. He spends a good share of his time in trading in forex market, watching finance news and looking at charts. He should have certainly gained good experience in trading in forex and also in teaching it effectively to his students.

Russ Horn
Russ Horn

His previous systems include Forex Strategy Master, Forex Income Boss, Tradeonix…etc. Considering the quality and sales of these systems, Forex Equinox is also predicted to be a market hit. Get your hand on it before the stock lasts.

Forex Equinox Q&A

What is the difference between FX Equinox and other systems?

A majority of forex systems online are either a video or a download, and usually, don’t provide great updates and support. Forex Equinox is a home-delivered product (major contents being DVD lectures).

The system also comes from a reputed person rather than a new name or paid actor.

Will I make money with this system?

You are likely to make money with this system if what the developers claim are true. Though the fact is, no system can be guaranteed to make money in all market conditions.

Forex trading involves a risk of losing huge money no matter which tool you use.

What if I don’t like the system?

If you don’t like the system, all you have to do is to contact support and ask for a refund. You will receive 100% money back to your original payment mode. This usually takes a weeks time.

How much does Forex Equinox cost?

The retail price of Forex Equinox is $997 (plus TAX/VAT if any). You can pay this one time fee or pay 2 installments of $550.00.


However, you can get a good discount of $247 on the system. You only have to pay $750 one time fee.

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