Forex Equinox Review

If you are into forex trading/forex systems market, chances are that you have heard of the new buzz word – Forex Equinox. It’s a high ticket forex trading system from Russ Horn with his new strategies. You might have already received email and seen ads all over the web about the system, but is it really worth it? Should you spend a grand on a system that will help in trading or put that money too into trading? Let us have a look…

The intention of this article is not to provide a real usage review of the system as we have not had a personal on hand experience with the system yet. Rather, we are analyzing the product and author, the history and provide an overview of the system, which will help you in making the decision on whether or not to purchase Forex Equinox.

Risk in Trading

Forex Trading involves huge financial loss if you don’t do it well. A general advice would be NOT to investing anything that you cannot afford to lose (ideally you won’t end up losing all the money though). So, if you don’t have enough money to try and risk in trading, then this is not for you.

Trading Experience

Forex Equinox can improve your skills if you are a trader with low to medium level of experience. If you are totally new to trading, there are various free courses from where you can learn to trade. Forex Equinox should be pretty ideal for anyone with basic knowledge of forex to veteran traders.

What exactly is Forex Equinox?

Forex Equinox is a forex trading system. Forex systems are usually courses or software that help you in trading or improves your knowledge. They mostly will be about a unique trading strategy that the owner has figured out to make profits. Forex Equinox is a home delivered system (DVDs).

The contents

The main part of the system is delivered to your address through courier. The delivery will take some time, just like when you shop from e-commerce stores.



Forex Equinox DVD
Forex Equinox DVD

The main contents of the delivered package are the DVDs. The contain the core material and can include video lectures from Russ about his method and/or tools related to his strategy. Russ explains his strategy through the videos in the DVD.




The pack also includes a printed book which is a trading manual.


Exclusive Membership

The package also includes access to restricted members community where you can interact with other traders who have purchased Forex Equinox. You can get to communicate with Russ and his team for any help in setting up or using the system.


Russ conducts frequent webinars which can be attended by the customers of Forex Equinox. You can get updates on the system as well. This is one good thing about Forex Equinox – you get future updates, even though you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.

Russ Horn who?

Russ Horn
Russ Horn – The developer of Forex Equinox

You might not have heard of Russ Horn if you are new to trading or new to this specific area of forex trading systems. Russ is a well-experienced forex trader which is also a great teacher. He spends a good time in front of the charts and monitoring news in the financial market.

There are quite a couple of high ticket forex systems which he has released in the past. Our estimate is that around 600 copies of each were sold and had an overall good customer review. If he has had released poor systems in the past, then Forex Equinox surely won’t do too well in the market. Some of his old systems include Rapid Results Method, Forex Master Method, Tradeonix…etc. You can read reviews on some of his systems in websites like ForexPeaceArmy

Forex Equinox Review – Is this a scam?

Forex Equinox doesn’t have any actual customer reviews yet as the system is pretty new. But considering the fact that it’s coming from someone reputed and many of his ex-customers could be buying this one too, we can expect a minimum quality.

Also, your payment is guaranteed with a refund policy for a specific period (60 days) by the payment processor through which Forex Equinox is sold (Clickbank). If someone is selling a poor system, they won’t do it with a refund policy.

Pros of the system

  • New trading strategy taught through video lectures from an experienced trader and teacher.
  • Frequent webinars.
  • Ongoing updates with help and support.
  • Published by a reputed team. Sold through trusted payment processor.
  • Unconditional 60 days money-back guarantee.

The cons

  • The price tag of $997 (Note: There is a $247 discount below).

Forex Equinox Price (plus discount)

Forex Equinox trading course cost you $997. This is a one time fee and includes all DVDs with lectures, trading manual, online membership access, webinar access, and help and support. The price maybe a bit more than that depending on your country of residence due to TAX, VAT…etc.

The good news is that there is a secret page that provides $247 discount on Forex Equinox.

Overall Verdict

Whether the system makes you profit or not, Forex Equinox is not just another online scam to rip off your precious money. This is coming from someone who has sold a couple of similar items in same fashion.

You can watch the videos and text on the official sales page to learn more about the system. Our recommendation would be to go ahead and purchase the system and see for yourself if you are interested. Watch the course and understand what Russ has to teach you. After that, you can determine if this is good enough for you and decide accordingly. You get 2 months time to evaluate the product and apply for a refund in case you are not satisfied.

If you actually purchase Forex Equinox, let others know your feedback on the course through the comments (below). Share this article with your friends who are planning to purchase the system.